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Through the expertise and experience of its principals in the area of advanced design and manufacturing, PYL Associates is able to offer a broad based service from basic assistance in marketing and communications, through to full planning and management of sales and strategic business initiatives.



With more than 60 years’ combined experience working in media and consultancy roles in the additive manufacturing sector, PYL Associates is ideally placed to assist you with all levels of communication as you position your products for your customers.


The best technologies and services can only achieve ultimate commercial success if they are described and positioned to your customer base in a way that resonates with their business imperatives. PYL Associates has decades of experience in the key markets for additive manufacturing and the ecosystem of technologies that has evolved around it, and understands precisely how your marketing messages, PR and editorial should be positioned to gain maximum traction with your customer base. On this level our service can be tailored to your specific requirements, be this ad hoc editorial and communication assistance through to, longer term retained assistance where we effectively act as your dedicated marketing and communications resource.

Sales and Marketing


The paramount goal of any form of communication concerning products and services is to maximise sales. PYL Associates is run by principals with significant experience in devising and running marketing and sales strategies for hi-tech companies across the world. The sales and marketing process can only be truly effective when you understand both the environment within which your products and services are being sold, the competitor landscape and the ultimate requirements of your customer base.


PYL Associates has an intimate knowledge of the additive manufacturing and advanced design and manufacturing market place, all the existing players in this space and the precise requirements of all of the key industry sectors that benefit from the incorporation of advanced technologies and services. Fusing this expertise together ensures that beyond simply communicating about your products and services you are precisely targeting your markets in the best way possible, the starting point from which all successful sales and marketing strategies should begin.

Strategic Planning & Project Implementation


Whether you are a vendor about to launch a new product or rebranding an existing product, or an OEM looking to incorporate or refine existing advanced technologies, PYL Associates can assist in your planning and project implementation. We can do this through live and actionable feasibility reports, and also through the identification of support agencies and institutions that can provide both financial, R&D and all other infrastructural support for your projects.

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